HospiCycle Overview

Welcome to HospiCycle, HPRC’s complete free guide for hospitals implementing plastics recycling programs. Learn more here.


Common Recyclable Healthcare Plastics

Determine what kinds of plastics your program can include and understand what specific clinical materials they are found in.

Hospital Waste Characterization

Understand your hospital’s waste stream and determine what portion could be impacted by a recycling program.

Hospital Recycling Program Readiness Assessment

Determine whether your hospital is ready to move forward so you can proceed with confidence.

Finding a Recycling Partner

Find the right partner by identifying the best resources for your needs.

Questions to Ask Your Recycler

Guide the discussion with a potential recycling business partner using this list of questions.

Guide to Developing a Plastics Recycling Business Case

Build your business case to request approval and gain buy-in from the hospital executive leadership team.

Economic Analysis

Prepare a full economic analysis in preparation for a new recycling program, or in evaluation of an existing program.

Tools for Getting Started

Selecting a Recycling Strategy

Determine which of three proven approaches to recycling is right for your hospital.

Staff Training Tools and Templates

Customize templates to help you prepare training materials for hospital staff. 

Material Flow and Logistics

Tips to help you develop and streamline your plastics recycling program.

Space Guidance

Calculate the amount of space needed for recycling and how to organize it, with additional tips for hospitals dealing with limited available space.

Recycling Equipment Guide

Explore various types of recycling equipment and how to discuss your needs with your recycling partner.

Regulatory Resources and Guidelines

Understand how federal, state, and local laws on recycling can help you create an effective program.


Metrics Collection

Collect the right data in order to track your progress and set goals for your plastics recycling program.

Economic Analysis

Revisit and revise your economic analysis in evaluation of program success.

Targets and Goal Setting

Establish targets and goals for continuous improvement and program expansion.

Telling the Story

Share your successes and challenges and keep key stakeholders engaged in your hospital’s plastics recycling program.

Auditing Your Program

Analyze the plastic materials you are collecting and the plastics collection, segregation, and transfer process. 

Once you've got your program up and running, we'd love to hear from you! Please submit your feedback and suggestions, or contact us if you would like to be featured in an HPRC case study.