What Do Weddings and Recycled Healthcare Plastics Have in Common?

More than you'd think!

weddings and healthcare plastics recycling

HPRC got a nice shout-out in a recent Packaging Digest piece about Bella the Bride, a traveling display jointly put on by DuPont and Beacon Converters that features a wedding gown made of discarded Tyvek meant to encourage conversations about reuse of healthcare plastics. The gown was created by artist and environmental educator Nancy Judd.

According to HPRC member and DuPont Americas Market Manager Marc A. Bandman, PhD, “Many folks I spoke with were first impressed by the beauty and quality of the dress sculpture." One conversation with an RN particularly stood out to him: “She was so inspired by the Bella project and spoke about how she then engaged her hospital, including doctors, to think about the plastic waste they generate and how they can begin recycling,” says Bandman. “I shared information on HPRC and hospitals near her that are already far down the path and happy to help others."

Conversations and connections like these are exactly what Bella (and HPRC) are all about. Read the full article over at Packaging Digest and see how HPRC is tackling the Circular Economy here.

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