Driving Circular Economy Solutions in Healthcare Plastics

Driving Circular Economy Solutions in Healthcare Plastics

HPRC Europe and Aarhus University Hospital Host Workshop to Find New Ways of Managing Medical Plastic Packaging Waste

HPRC Europe and Aarhus University Hospital recently hosted a workshop in Denmark focused on enabling circular economy solutions related to healthcare plastics and packaging. With stakeholders representing plastic suppliers, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, and recyclers, the two-day agenda tackled current challenges in recycling healthcare plastics within the European regulatory landscape and posed possible solutions based on value chain collaboration.

“There is an increasing expectation on businesses to take responsibility for after-life of their products,” says Klaus Stadler, Director of HPRC Europe. “We see tremendous opportunity within the healthcare industry to develop solutions that are consistent with these expectations and that seek to optimize plastic resource use and re-use. This workshop was a great first step in opening up value chain dialogue and knowledge sharing on this topic.”

Workshop participants included representatives from Baxter, BD, B. Braun, Borealis, Fresenius, LyondellBasell, Johnson & Johnson, Stena, and Suez, along with participants from local area hospitals. Meeting outcomes and next steps included exploratory projects around data analysis to better understand plastic material types, volumes and flows within hospitals. Additionally, protective garments and irrigation bottles were identified as potential quick wins for materials that could be effectively and efficiently recycled.

“We all have a responsibility to better manage waste,” says Susanne Backer, Circular Economy Project Manager at Aarhus University Hospital and current HPRC Advisory Board member. “For the past year, Arhus University Hospital has been mapping its plastic waste streams to identify opportunities for recycling. By participating in HPRC, we now have a platform to engage and collaborate with other value chain players to achieve better results and impact.”

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