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Advanced Recycling Research

Plastics play a critical role in the delivery of safe and cost-effective healthcare services around the world. However, the healthcare industry has recognized that the environmental footprint from the widespread use of plastics, especially packaging, is significant. And while we recognize that reduction and reuse initiatives have a higher priority on the waste hierarchy and progress in these areas must continue, we wanted to explore advanced recycling technologies in an effort to discover if they could address the healthcare plastics waste stream in a meaningful way.


Design Guidance

Because increasing healthcare plastics means considering all parts of the value chain, HPRC has developed a guidance document for manufacturers that articulates design considerations which enhance the recycling potential and value of the final product or packaging.



Through a step-by-step approach, this guide is intended to help hospitals navigate the process of activating a plastics recycling program from initial planning and business decisions through program implementation and improvement considerations.