A Value Chain Approach to Solution Development

We recognize that there is not one single magic bullet that will solve the problem of clean, recyclable healthcare plastics ending up in landfills. There are product design features that inhibit recyclability, hospital staff lack training on what is what is not recyclable, there is limited space and infrastructure within hospitals to aggregate recyclable materials and recycler demand and availability to collect these materials vary greatly by geography. All of these challenges combined, hinder the ability to recycle.

HPRC is unique in its focus on the identification of plastics recycling barriers and solution development along the entire value chain. Meaning, we seek to affect plastics recycling from healthcare product design and manufacturing through product use, disposal and recycle. Through this collaborative approach, we bring the right stakeholders to the table to most effectively develop solutions to an ever-growing and complex waste management issue.

Identifying and Removing Barriers to Recycling

By identifying barriers to recycling at different points along the value chain, HPRC works with the appropriate stakeholder to remove or minimize the barrier, leverage market opportunities and reduce environmental impact.