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9 Sustainability Initiatives in Healthcare Packaging: Earth Day 2022
Healthcare Packaging | April 22, 2022


Sierra Magazine | March 22, 2022


Plastic Waste in Healthcare: Finding Solutions
MedicalExpo e-Magazine | July 18, 2022



How Do Recycled Materials Fit with Healthcare Packaging?
Healthcare Packaging | December 24, 2021


Advances in Recycling for Health Facilities
Health Facilities Management | August 27, 2021
Waste Not, Want Not
Medical Device Developments | June 9, 2021
Discarded PPE Filling Up Landfills and Oceans
CNN Project Planet | April 16, 2021


Identifying Recycling and Circularity Opportunities for Healthcare Plastics
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry | December 31, 2020
Hospitals Under Pressure to “Do Something” about Plastics
Plastics News | May 18, 2020
First, Do No Harm
Boss Magazine | April 9, 2020
Ten Desirable Design Practices for Healthcare Plastics
Plastics Today | February 21, 2020
Investigating Wasted Opportunities in Medical Plastics Recycling
Plastics Today | February 20, 2020
Medical Attention
Plastics Recycling Update | February 17, 2020


How the Medical Device Industry Can Help Save the Planet – as Well as Patient Lives
NS Medical Devices | December 11, 2019
Sustainability in the Medical Space? It’s Complicated.
Plastics Today | October 8, 2019
Can Medical Care Exist Without Plastic?
National Geographic | October 4, 2019
A Look at the Re|focus Sustainability & Recycling Summit
Plastics Technology | May 28, 2019


Many Hands Make Light Work (page 130)
Medical Device Developments | May 2019


Study: Flexible Healthcare Packaging Materials Can Be Recycled
Healthcare Packaging | March 7, 2019
Do You Consider the Recyclability of Your Packaging?
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry | February 25, 2019
Group Issues Roadmap to Health Care Plastics Recycling
Plastics Recycling Update | February 20, 2019
Hospital Takes Aim at Plastic Recycling
Healthcare Packaging | January 31, 2019


Recycling Council Studies Multi-material Flexible Plastics Recycling  (page 5)
Healthcare Environmental Solutions News | Summer 2018
China’s Choice Reshapes Recycling in Twin States​  (HFAB member event)
Valley News | August 8, 2018
Hospitals Seek Recycling Solutions for Medical Plastics
Health Facilities Management | June 6, 2018
How the Healthcare Industry is Addressing the Fast-Growing Medical Waste Problem
Waste 360 | May 17, 2018
US Initiative to Seek End Uses for Recycled Healthcare Plastics
Recycling International | April 4, 2018
Plastic Packaging Hospital Waste Recycling Initiative Kicks Off in the US
Environmental Leader | March 16, 2018
Can Healthcare Flexibles Be Diverted from Landfills?
Packaging Digest | March 12, 2018


Medical Plastics Recycling Debate Takes Center Stage at PLASTEC Minneapolis
Plastics Today | October 17, 2017
Recycling Medical Plastics Faces Economic Hurdles, Not to Mention the ‘Ick’ Factor
Plastics Today | August 10, 2017
Healthcare Plastics: Untapped Feedstock, Untapped Business Opportunity
Recycling Today | August 8, 2017
Nelipak Joins HPRC
Packaging Digest | July 25, 2017
Recycling of Medical PETG Packaging: Incorporation into Polyols Suitable for Polyurethane Coating Applications
Recycling Today | March 3, 2017


Healthcare Plastics Recycling Project Identifies Challenges, Opportunities
Plastics Today | February 6, 2016
Connecting Supply with Demand: An Experiment in Regional Recycling of Healthcare Plastics (print only)
Plastics Recycling | Winter 2017
The Circular Economy: 10 Innovative Business Solutions and How to Go Further (see page 10)
AmCham EU Circular Economy Brochure
Examining the Value of Healthcare Plastics Recycling
Packaging Digest | March 30, 2016


HPRC Targets Plastic Medical Scrap
Recycling Today | March 22, 2016


HPRC and Practice Greenhealth Present Key Results from Plastics Recycling Survey of U.S. Hospitals
3BL Media | March 20, 2015


Setting a Plastics Recycling Benchmark
Greenhealth Magazine | March 16, 2015


Plastic Recycling Guide for Hospitals Now Available for Continuing Education Credit
3BL Media | September 16, 2014


Exciting Healthcare Recycling Innovations
Plastic Packaging Perspectives | September 12, 2014


HPRC and Stanford Hospital & Clinics Conclude Clinical Recycling Pilot
3BL Media | January 9, 2014


Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council Develops Plastics Recycling Guide for Hospitals
3BL Media | April 24, 2013


Sustainable Committment
Health Facilities Management | January 2013


Medical Plastic Recycling Projects Expand
Recycling Today | November 29, 2012


HPRC Works to Improve the Recyclability of Plastic Products in Healthcare
Facility Care | June 2012


Healthcare Group to Push Plastic Recycling in Hospitals
Greenbiz | April 8, 2011
Latest Blogs

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Joins HPRC Advisory Board

HPRC is pleased to announce the appointment of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to its Healthcare Facility Advisory Board, a role intended to help the council set priorities and steer the agenda toward its mission of inspiring and enabling sustainable, cost-effective recycling solutions for plastic products and materials used in the delivery of healthcare.

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HPRC Signs Circular Plastics Alliance Declaration 

We are excited to announce that the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) has become a signatory of the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) declaration. The Circular Plastics Alliance is an initiative formed under the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy to help plastics value chains boost the EU market for recycled plastics to 10 million tonnes by 2025.

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B. Braun Joins Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council

The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) is pleased to welcome B. Braun, a leader in infusion therapy, pain management technology, and support services. The family-owned business manufactures and markets innovative medical products and services for the healthcare industry.

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