For Hospitals

While hospitals have been champions of recycling for decades, efforts have largely focused on food service and administrative areas and not on patient care settings where the majority of health care plastic materials are generated. With sustainability becoming an increasing priority, healthcare organizations are determined to do more to address this plastic waste challenge.



Looking to recycle healthcare plastics at your hospital? Not sure how to get started? Already in progress but looking for ways to improve? This guide is for you.

HospiCycle was developed to help hospitals successfully integrate recycling practices into a patient care setting, and better understand the economic, regulatory, resourcing, and infrastructure nuances that come with it.

Through a step-by-step approach, this guide is intended to help hospitals navigate the process of activating a plastics recycling program from initial planning and business decisions through program implementation and improvement considerations.

Common Barriers to Recycling Healthcare Plastics

To better understand current practices related to the use and disposal of healthcare plastics, HPRC interviewed several hospitals across Europe. The information gathered uncovers distinct barriers to plastic recycling and identifies important opportunities for improvement, not just at the hospital level but across the supply chain.

Environmental Impacts of Recycling

Want to better understand the environmental impacts of recycling compared to other waste disposal methods? This study takes a comprehensive look at the different types of waste management options for plastics and their advantages and disadvantages from an environmental perspective.

Healthcare Vendor Recycler Directory

This free, public, interactive directory is designed to help facilitate geography-specific collaboration between healthcare facilities and recycling vendors interested in their material streams. Find out who is recycling what near you!

Leading the Discussion on Plastics Recycling

Learn how to prepare and present the business case of healthcare plastics recycling to hospital executives. Here you’ll find insights and tools that can be used to demonstrate business case applicability through environmental, financial and social proof points, enabling relevant links between healthcare plastics recycling and hospital-specific goals.

Hospital Recycling Case Studies

Read real-life case studies from hospitals all across the country, including spotlights on innovative approaches and unique partnerships. Get inspired, learn something new, and then consider submitting your story to HPRC to be featured here!