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Looking to recycle healthcare plastics at your hospital? Not sure how to get started? Already in progress but looking for ways to improve?

This guide is for you.


A Helping Hand for Hospitals

Hospicycle was developed to help hospitals successfully integrate recycling practices into a patient care setting, and better understand the economic, regulatory, resourcing, and infrastructure nuances that come with it.

Through a step-by-step approach, this guide is intended to help hospitals navigate the process of activating a plastics recycling program from initial planning and business decisions through program implementation and improvement considerations.

No matter where you are in the process, there is a tool to support your organization. Use the filter below to determine where you should start.

Hospicycle Tools


Questions to Ask Your Recycler

When talking with a potential recycling business partner, use the following list of questions and discussion topics to help guide the conversation. What plastics materials can…

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Space Guidance for Hospitals

The lack of dock space to stage or process materials is a common problem with developing a hospital recycling program. Unlike the clean, orderly images…

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Recycling Equipment Guide for Hospital

Certain equipment can be very useful in managing collected recyclable plastics, depending on your recycler’s operations for transporting and processing plastics and other recyclable wastes.…

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