Remington Medical Joins HPRC

Remington Medical Joins HPRC

The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) is pleased to welcome Remington Medical — maker of single-use, disposable medical products, including drainage bags, syringes, needles, and cables — as its newest member.

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Remington Medical designs, manufactures and distributes medical devices worldwide for medical specialty fields including Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology, Vascular Access, Urology and General Surgery and provides contract manufacturing services to many other device companies.

“We are very excited to have Remington Medical join our council,” says Peylina Chu, Director of HPRC. “As an organization that not only manufactures their own products but also operates a thriving contract manufacturing division, Remington Medical is in a unique position to influence design for environment practices across a broad range of products and packaging. Their demonstrated commitment to sustainability and desire to advance circular economy solutions for healthcare plastics will make them an excellent addition to our membership.”

“As a manufacturer of single-use, mostly plastic medical devices, we have an obligation to provide products that are high-quality, safe and effective,” says Attly Aycock, Chief Executive Officer at Remington Medical. “We also have an obligation to minimize the lasting effects of our products on the environment. Understanding that the life cycle of our products does not end with the use of the device, it is important to Remington Medical to be an active participant in driving education and change as it relates to efficiently recapturing and recycling plastics. Through membership in HPRC, we look forward to collaborating across the supply chain and engaging in knowledge exchange and project work focused on creating value for recycled healthcare plastics.”

HPRC is engaged in multiple initiatives aimed at enabling recycling of healthcare plastics, including: development of plastic product and packaging design guidelines to improve end-of-life recyclability, development of a how-to guide, called HospiCycle, for hospitals seeking to recycle healthcare plastics generated in their facilities, and development of a recycling vendor directory to connect hospitals with recyclers in their area. The council is currently undertaking market research on chemical recycling applications for healthcare plastics and is preparing for a chemical recycling pilot project that will take place in 2021.


About HPRC

HPRC is a private technical coalition of industry peers across manufacturing, healthcare, and recycling industries seeking to improve the recyclability of plastic products within healthcare. More specifically, HPRC engages in pioneering projects designed to help boost plastics recycling efforts in clinical settings of hospitals. Founded in 2010, HPRC is made up of brand leading and globally recognized members including Amcor, Baxter, BD, Boston Scientific, DuPont, Eastman Chemical Company, Freepoint Ecosystems, Gore Medical, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Nelipak Healthcare Packaging, Paxxus, Plastic Ingenuity, Purecycle Technologies, Ravago Recycling Group, Remington Medical, Sartorius, Sonoco Healthcare, Sterimed, Stryker, ThermoFisher Scientific, and Westfall Technik. For more information, visit and follow HPRC on LinkedIn.