Coming Attractions: A Sneak Preview of HPRC Projects in Progress

Coming Attractions: A Sneak Preview of HPRC Projects in Progress

HPRC is always looking for new ways to encourage and increase healthcare plastics recycling, reducing barrier for manufacturers, healthcare facilities, and recyclers. And while we already have a whole host of solutions available for free right now, we are also committed to moving the cause forward.

Here’s a look at a few new projects that our member companies and HFAB partners are working on right now:

Mixed Flexibles Recyclability Assessment 
This collaboration with UMass Lowell seeks to create greater demand for recycled product through better understanding of material properties and end market uses. The project will test whether commercially available compatibilizers improve blend properties when compounded with multi-material flexible plastics.

HospiCycle Refresh 
HPRC’s free tools to help hospitals navigate the implementation and improvement of a plastics recycling program in a patient-care setting are already helping hospitals of all shapes and sizes, but it was time for a refresh. The updated tools will be revised with the most current information and best practices and be easier to use and navigate.

Recycler Guidance
As a complement to HospiCycle, HPRC is working to compile a complete set of tools and guidelines to help recyclers understand healthcare plastics as a feedstock and navigate the complexities of sourcing and collection.

Value Chain Mapping
Due to the highly complex nature of the healthcare plastics recycling, it can be very difficult to grasp the various potential steps and paths the materials might take, and to understand the entities involved. Our plan is to create a comprehensive map of the value chain that will be a useful tool in communicating with vendors and educating stakeholders on the intricacies of the system.

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Stay tuned for more information on these and other upcoming projects, and in the meantime, check out our other tools.