Crowd-Source Recycling Vendor Intel with HPRC’s New Directory

Crowd-Source Recycling Vendor Intel with HPRC’s New Directory

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, when it comes to finding the right local vendors to partner with for each healthcare material stream, the struggle is real. In hopes of easing the pain, HPRC has created a free, open-access healthcare plastics recycling vendor directory aimed at helping connect hospitals and recyclers to mutual benefit.

HPRC hopes that by providing this resource, exciting new partnership and collaboration opportunities will come to light, boosting the economics, efficiency, quality, and quantity of healthcare plastics recycling.

“This project has truly been a team effort,” says Dr. Ilyssa Gordon, HPRC project leader and pathologist with Cleveland ClinicMedical Director of the Cleveland Clinic Office for a Healthy Environment. “It’s been so exciting to see hospitals, industry groups, and the public band together to contribute to something for the greater good, I’m excited to see what this new level of transparency will achieve.”

With this directory as a jumping-off point, HPRC is excited to see new relationships form and grow as we all work together to increase the percentage of healthcare plastics being recycled. The surveys for both healthcare facilities and recyclers are still open, so it’s not too late to be included!

Check out the full directory here.