Help HPRC Launch New Recycling Vendor Directory!

Help HPRC Launch New Recycling Vendor Directory!

The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) is thrilled to announce the launch of a new project focused on creating a nationwide recycling vendor directory, designed to enable hospitals to build a more complete recycling program and provide recyclers with information about potential new feedstocks.

As part of our ongoing commitment to enable increased healthcare plastics recycling rates, this project is an opportunity to build out a practical tool that supports both hospitals and recyclers looking to create sustainable, long-term value. Participating HPRC members and partners include Cleveland Clinic, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Practice Greenhealth, and the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS).

Peylina Chu, Executive Director of HPRC, says: “One area of concern that comes up again and again is that hospitals struggle to find recycling partners in their geography. It can take multiple parties to create a sustainable transport, sorting, and processing system, and sometimes it takes creativity to bring the right parties to the table to extract the value from healthcare plastics. HPRC is excited to play a role in helping hospitals, haulers, and processers connect with each other to collect and recycle more materials and bring healthcare plastics one step closer to circularity.” HPRC hopes that by addressing this barrier, new opportunities for collaboration will come to light, enhancing the economics, efficiency, and ultimately the quality and quantity of healthcare plastics collected for recycling.

In order to make the directory a reality, we need your help—please consider completing one of the short 10-15-minute surveys below. We have one survey designed specifically for healthcare organizations that are currently recycling plastics to identify their recycling partners, and a second survey designed specifically for recyclers (including logistics providers, processers, and so on) to share their services and geographic regions. These responses will form the initial directory, which will then be expanded and updated over time. Please share these surveys with your network, as our goal is to include as many organizations as possible.

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