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Healthcare facilities in the United States generate approximately 14,000 tons of waste per day, most of which is being disposed of in landfills or by incineration. It is estimated that between 20 and 25 percent of that 14,000 tons can be attributed to plastic packaging and plastic products.

Looking to recycle healthcare plastics at your hospital? Not sure how to get started? This “how to” guide and collection of tools is intended to help establish plastics recycling in patient care settings, while navigating the economic, regulatory, resourcing and infrastructure considerations associated with it.

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Learn how to prepare and present the business case of healthcare plastics recycling to hospital executives. Here you'll find insights and tools that can be used to demonstrate business case applicability through environmental, financial and social proof points, enabling relevant links between healthcare plastics recycling and hospital-specific goals.

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Earn continuing education credits while learning how to develop and implement a plastics recycling program at your hospital. Accredited by Pfiedler Enterprises, this resource helps advance sustainability aspirations and simultaneously helps nurses and other hospital staff meet credentialing needs.

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Want to better understand the environmental impacts of recycling compared to other waste disposal methods? This study takes a comprehensive look at the different types of waste management options for plastics and their advantages and disadvantages from an environmental perspective. 

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