HPRC Presents at CleanMed 2015 in Portland, OR

HPRC Presents

A challenge that hospitals are facing today is how to successfully integrate recycling practices into a patient care setting, and understanding the economic, regulatory, resourcing and infrastructure nuances that come with it. This workshop will address the process of activating a plastics recycling program in a patient care setting from initial planning and business decisions through program implementation and improvement considerations. Content will be based on data and lessons learned from plastic waste pilot study work conducted with Stanford University Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente. Focusing on clean, non-infectious plastics, this workshop will serve as a comprehensive 'how-to' guide for hospitals seeking to advance their sustainability program by recycling plastic product and packaging waste generated in their facilities. The format will provide a combination of information and guidance supported with experience-based perspectives and best practices.

Krisanne Hanson is Director of Sustainability at Stanford University Medical Center. Jane Hart is Global Sustainability Leader for Halyard Health in Atlanta, Georgia. Tim Eng is Project Manager with Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles, California.

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